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Things I Love

8-59 Laurie is 4 mos old at the Zoo


Falling asleep to the sound of rain.

A hug from my one of my kids.

A yellow, pink and blue sky.

These are a few of my favorite things…

~ Laurie Lomax



1. Being in love with the man I married

2. Putting PJ’s on in the afternoon

3. Reading a book I can’t put down

4. Vanilla ice cream with buttery caramel sauce

5. A deep, dark cup of Joe

6. My new baby granddaughter Josie Mae

7. Playing flawless tennis

8. Warm chocolate chip cookies, with nuts of any kind

9. An expensive glass of red wine. Thank you Mike.

10. Making things with my hands

11. Going on Girls’ Weekends. Thank you Marcia.

12. A weekend with NOTHING planned

13. Making our very own fire pit with my husband

14. Late night talks and drinking amazing red wine around the fire pit with Neil

15. Sensing all my kids are well and happy

16. Appreciating God’s creation at our Lake cabin

17. The quiet of a heavy snowfall

18. Traveling anywhere in Europe to immerse myself in it’s history

19. Hitting a long, perfect drive off the tee

20. Having my husband say “that was sexy” when I hit a long, perfect drive off the tee

21. A perfectly cooked New York steak in an atmospheric steakhouse

22. A good memory that pops up for no reason

23. Getting chills while listening to a favorite song

24. A laugh so good it makes me cry

25. A good hair day

26. Shopping for things I don’t need

27. Sleeping in without the guilt

28. The smell of pine trees

29. Feeling like I’ve helped someone out in some small way

30. Coming in contact with anyone who loves their job

31. Annual overnight Christmas shopping trip downtown with Hubby

32. Feeling so proud of my husband and kids

33. Laughing at my Dad’s same old jokes

34. Sensing my Mom’s presence from heaven

35. Taking a long, barefoot walk on the beach

36. The assurance of my salvation

37. Joy of watching The Honeymooners or I Love Lucy while staying all night at my grandparent’s

38. The smell of a new book. Go ahead, open one and see what I mean

39. Feeling sore after a good workout

40. Singing harmony with my high school girlfriends

41. Playing a great tennis match and liking the people across the net

42. Hearing James Taylor’s voice

43. The Sound of Music

44. Salad rolls at Jade

45. Staying in the fancy suite at The Arizona Biltmore

46. Loyal friends who like me just the way I am

47. Wearing a short skirt with high heels (only when my legs are long and lean)

48. Hearing a good sermon and remembering I need to thank God more

49. Visiting historical places like Williamsburg, Boston, Israel or Washington DC

50. Getting to know someone one-on-one

51. Nuts in everything

52. The Boconne Dolce at Papa Haydn’s with raspberries and strawberries

53. The girl my son married

54. Making irrational, last-minute decisions that end up being amazing

55. A vacation in Black Butte with my whole family

56. The smell of a crackling mesquite fire under a clear, star-filled Arizona desert sky

57. Searching for that next great read

58. When the weather outside is just perfect

59. Finding money in a pocket I’ve forgotten about

60. Hearing birds chirp for the first time in early spring

61. Meaningful moments that hit you like a warm ocean breeze

62. Waking up too early and realizing I have hours more to luxuriate in a peaceful state

63. Haagen Daas Vanilla Swiss Almond Ice Cream

64. The boy my daughter married

65. Josie lips

66. Hearing Josie squeak “Hiiiiii Lolo”!

67. Magnolia Trees

68. Clean, fresh sheets

In response to my “Things I Love Page” Neil jumped in and gave me some of his favorite things. Let’s start a family list of favorites, shall we?

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